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Driver Update Tips

What are Device Drivers

In this article we will start with device driver basics.. you aren't the first to ask this popular question what are device drivers and you certainly wont be the last.

Update Windows Drivers: So many problems solved, one simple solution

In order to produce the computer experience you rely on every day, a wide variety of different software packages and pieces of hardware must work together. Every manufacturer has their own drivers, and a different driver for each and every version and model of each device. All of these devices have to work in harmony with your computer and with each other. Updating Windows drivers regularly can fix and prevent so many computer problems.

Why Windows Computer Drivers Need to be kept updated

Keeping your computer running at its best requires regular computer maintenance including cleaning out the clutter, removing unwanted applications, running regular virus and spyware scans, updating the operating system, updating software, and updating hardware drivers ... Read more about the importance of drivers update software.

Frustrated by Windows problems, Device Drivers not working?

Computer errors have mystified average home computer users since the inception of the PC. From the vague “illegal operation” and “stop” errors to errors featuring technical information and numeric codes that only a computer engineer can understand, it’s no wonder users scratch their heads before reinstalling their operating systems in an attempt at a fresh start. Check out this article on drivers not working.


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Admin :
Posted 1994 days ago
File Extension database has been updated on May 1st. Also Driver database has thousands more new popular drivers in todays release from Paretologic

JannRick :
Posted 2079 days ago
Thankyou kind sirs, defrag is what i needed, defrag is what your product did for me. thanks again

Gemma_P :
Posted 2172 days ago
Your pc health advisor softw was just the cure for my peddly slow windows program. thankx

emma knnedy :
Posted 2191 days ago
please help clean up my pc.

Admin :
Posted 2215 days ago
Hello Hillard, we used to recommend Drivercure but we recently found out that PC Health Advisor (by the same company Paretologic) has put all of the drivercure technology into PCHA and you get 14 other great tools as well!!

Dijenga :
Posted 2216 days ago
(this post was non-sensical, something about forums and spam, not applicable here so this serves as a placeholder)

Hillard_f :
Posted 2232 days ago
What is the name of your driver update software please?

Fretty_rt5 :
Posted 2235 days ago
I like that PC Health Advisor has lots of different features and more benefits and tools than every other softwares out there!

Klactor_email :
Posted 2241 days ago
And then there were 2. Ive tried your competitors (well most anyway) and Im not happy still. Im a simple man, I just want my computer to stop being so weak. I need a performance boost but Im not willing to spend anything.. will this PC Health Advisor help me?

Admin :
Posted 2242 days ago
You will find the File extension look-up tool very handy in PC Health Advisor. It covers over 2000 common file extensions and the results will return not just the common file extension associated applications but the uncommon as well. Try it its good.

Admin :
Posted 2247 days ago
For the file extension tool you'll need to select the "Optimi ... e" tab at the top of the PC Health Advisor app and then select "File Extension Manager" in about the middle of the screen. Regards

RandolphP :
Posted 2247 days ago
Where in PC Health Advisor is the file extensions opener? please help I cant open a DMG file extension and I need to today

Joebuttanomo :
Posted 2250 days ago
Thanks I like pc health advisor 2.0, much improved over other utilities and cause it fixes drivers too its a lot better than pchealthadvisor 1.0 in my opinion. thanks again

lynne_reed :
Posted 2250 days ago
I came to your site beacause of a problem opening file extension wpd, after bouncing around looking at numerous supposed solutions to fix the problem and let me see whats in this darn wpd extension file, i ended up at this driversupdate site. So now my point- it doesnt say anything about fixing file extension problems on this site that i can find and yet your pc health advisor version 2.0 did exactly what i needed now i know that the file extension wpd can be opened and viewed with openoffic and i didnt have to pay anything for it.. thanks my only advice is to list on your site that PCHealth advisor helps with unknown file extensions. Lynne R Kansas City

Admin :
Posted 2253 days ago
be happy to help, please provide as much detail as you can (ie file type, error message etc)

omole adebowale :
Posted 2253 days ago
please help me.i need to download my file.thanks.

lambamamma :
Posted 2255 days ago
thank you!

hjrollie :
Posted 2256 days ago
Not sure how found your driverupdate site but gladly I did, my problem was finding a way to update bluetooth peripheral device driver. Your page led me to the broadcom page with the exact download i needed.. thanks

Admin :
Posted 2267 days ago
Sure thing Rolliesgirl Im here ...

jambreak2 :
Posted 2267 days ago
Im gonna say wow to you guys cause i like what ic so far :)

rolliesgirl23 :
Posted 2267 days ago
thanks for this site, I hope theres smeone there as Im putting my question about a problematic bluetooth peripheral device (an MS wireless keyboard)togeyther right now.. u there?

swendal :
Posted 2267 days ago
I also posted a comment on your PC health advisor page, I just wanted to be sure you get my congratulations on that great software. Please let me know via private email if a discount is available for a christian elementary school?


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"I asked for a faster computer for my B'day and I got PC Health Advisor instead, surprisingly I'm not complaining."

"be careful, my daughter tells me, when downloading anything on the internet. I researched this for a whole day before downloading your PC Health tool, very pleased"

"I thought I would buy your Drivercure and Filecure and maybe Privacy Controls too, but it looks like this Paretologic PC Health Advisor software already does all that, thank you and thank you more."

"And now the bad news, even though yes my Windows is faster and I can open my files properly again (thank you), now I can't seem to justify keeping all these other less-than magic registry tools and Windows optimizer programs running, seems redundant. Ill keep my PC Health cure of course and be done with the rest."

"your site is ridiculously simple.. only html? dont get me wrong fellas- I like simple. btw I tried your health advisor tool - took me hours to clean-up my Windows problems. What happened to simple?"





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